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6. Mill Reconciliation

Video Overview: Mill Reconciliation The last section that we’ll cover to finish getting set up is Mill Reconciliation. To do a Mill Reconciliation, start by selecting Create Reconciliation. Here you’ll fill in the information that you have from the Mill.  Then you’ll select Create Reconciliation. From there you’ll be able to select the tickets that … Continued

5. Reports & Forms

We’ll skip the Reports & Forms section for now since we’re just getting started, but go ahead and select this section to see what is available for you to utilize later on.

4. Invoices

Video Overview: Invoices The next section is the Invoices section to create invoices to send to your Customers.  To get started, select Invoices in the left column.  This will take you to a screen where you’re able to see all of your invoices and will give you the option to search for Invoices based on … Continued

3. Settlement Statements

Video Overview: Settlement Statements Select Settlement Statements in the left column. From this screen you can search for specific settlement statements by date or by Vendor, or you have the option to Create Settlements in the top right corner. Filter by Vendor and Job and select the tickets that you want included in the Settlement … Continued

2. Loads

Video Overview: Loads Select Loads from the left column. To enter a Load, select Create Load. To create a Load, you’ll need to enter the load information and make sure it’s assigned to the correct Job. You will select the correct Product, Logger, Trucker, and Driver from the drop down arrows. If you do not … Continued


Now that you have your databases (Products, Mills, Vendors, Customers) set-up, you are ready to start managing your jobs in TRACT. Note: As you are managing your Jobs, if you ever come across a data that is not in your database, i.e. a new vendor or customer, etc, you can always go back to that … Continued

1. Jobs

Video Overview: Jobs – Create New Job Start by selecting Jobs in the left column. To enter a new job, select Create Job in the top right corner Enter Job Details.  For the PT-283, section, if there are multiple vendors, leave this section blank. If the PT-283 Vendor has not already been added in the … Continued