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New improvements, bug fixes and features.

v1.11 Release

March 15, 2018

  • 243Adding a validation on the user name field to prevent empty names.
  • 242Cosmetic updates to Settlement Statements index
  • 240Output a placeholder in empty datatable cells
  • 269Add affix feature to table buttons on Jobs Settlements and Delivered pages
  • 268Front-end updates to Vendor Statements Edit page
  • 267Custom styling for 404 and 500 error pages
  • 266Update styles for Export options on Loads page
  • 264Fix small bug with time picker showing up on statements preview.
  • 263Add job product notes
  • 262Front-end updates to Loads page tables
  • 261Show last location of trailer
  • 260Changing 'Limit Amount' to just 'Amount'
  • 259add api access for website stats
  • 258Cosmetic updates to Settlement Statements Create page
  • 257Add sub-menu tabs for All, Paid and Unpaid to Settlement Statements page
  • 256Add navigation sub-menu to mill rec page
  • 255Update design of Credit Loads page
  • 254Bug, remove duplicate mills from My Mills
  • 253Send vendor documents expiration emaile
  • 252fix bug on firefox with job product dist on trucker
  • 251Adding conditional pagination. Only paginates for HTML version of theā€¦
  • 250Allow override of county on a job
  • 249fix address on job details page when not all details of address were
  • 248Add vendor documents
  • 247Add api endpoint for choosing a load
  • 246Add ability to upload images to tickets
  • 245Cosmetic updates to settlement statements preview page
  • 244Cosmetic updates to settlement statements edit screen

v1.10 Release

February 28, 2018

  • 241Addition of Vendor Statements
  • 239Fully hide inactive tabs on Jobs page
  • 238Update priming on Job Details and Create Job pages
  • 235add trailer icon
  • 233Clear out latitude and longitude if address cleared on a job
  • 219Add ability to view trailer details
  • 216Add new design and functionality to quick entry form
  • 213Constant rounding on job tickets weights (3 decimals)
  • 212vendor names are now unique to help avoid duplicating vendors
  • 210add landowner type to distributons
  • 209Ability to add users to job for permissions
  • 208add private mills
  • 204Add back button and update header styles on vendor payout statement page
  • 203Update delete button styles on Mill Rec edit
  • 202Update styles on PT283 report page
  • 201Ability to add tags to vendors
  • 197include cash advances on 1099's
  • 195sort all drop downs
  • 194Allow users to filter markers on the multi-map
  • 193Add styling to sign in page
  • 189fix load counts on company payout statements
  • 188Ability To Add / Edit Trailers
  • 186add trailers list
  • 185Updates to Jobs Settlements table layout
  • 184Close map infowindows when a user clicks on the map
  • 163Ability to delete vendors and jobs
  • 161if there are more than 3 decimals enter by a user, show all 3

Hot Fix Releases

February 13-15, 2018

  • Add landowner type to distributions (for calculations on pt283 and wood payments)
  • Ability for PT283 to be single or multiple landowners

v1.9 Release

February 10, 2018

  • Vendor Refactor

v1.8 Release

February 2, 2018

  • Update copy on vendor creation modals on new jobs page
  • Truncate long names in multi-select boxes and set max-height
  • Fix issue with sticky scrolling not working
  • Hide auto deductions when creating new assoc from new jobs form
  • consolidate statements to one format
  • moved company statement to reports
  • limit tonnage calc ot 3 digits on loads form
  • Job Details maps should show satellite view and have minimum zoom level set
  • api update a users' location
  • add endpoint for trucker entering a new load
  • api add ability to cancel and pickup loads
  • landowner not req for job product
  • add functionality to tag vendors