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A quick look at where we’ve been and where we’re going.

  • Q1, 2017

    Development of IT Infrastructure

    The required IT to facilitate data driver load transactions on the cloud has already been developed and is available as a minimum viable product (MVP).

  • Q3, 2017

    Digital Load Sheet

    Development of an iOS app that replaces the redundancy of a load sheet on a job. Geocaches a load’s point of origin and establishes chain of custody, creating opportunity for vertical integration with mills.

  • Q1, 2018

    Pre Commercial Launch

    Two of the largest natural resource producers in the Southeast are currently tracking thousands of loads, allowing TRACT to scale for capacity and ensure broad business support.

  • Q2, 2018

    Load Tracking App

    iOS and Android smartphone apps finalized and ready to launch in the field, allowing for real-time chain of custody. Imagine looking at a digital map and seeing what products your truckers are hauling and where they’re going.

  • Q4, 2018


    Web/iOS/Android app that digitally automates the timber contract creation process, negotiations, and manages e-signatures.

  • Q2, 2019

    Vendor Portals

    Web portal that allow vendors to see their A/R, statements and previous payments.

Continuous Integration

We release updates and iterations to our web software every single week. Sometimes a release will address minor bugs and features, but most of the time updates add significant changes to make your business better.

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v1.11 Release - Mar 15, 2018

  • #243 Adding a validation on the user name field to prevent empty names.
  • #242 Cosmetic updates to Settlement Statements index
  • #240 Output a placeholder in empty datatable cells
  • #269 Add affix feature to table buttons on Jobs Settlements and Delivered pages
  • #268 Front-end updates to Vendor Statements Edit page
  • #267 Custom styling for 404 and 500 error pages
  • #266 Update styles for Export options on Loads page
  • #264 Fix small bug with time picker showing up on statements preview.
  • #263 Add job product notes
  • #262 Front-end updates to Loads page tables
  • #261 Show last location of trailer
  • #260 Changing 'Limit Amount' to just 'Amount'
  • #259 add api access for website stats
  • #258 Cosmetic updates to Settlement Statements Create page
  • #257 Add sub-menu tabs for All, Paid and Unpaid to Settlement Statements page
  • #256 Add navigation sub-menu to mill rec page
  • #255 Update design of Credit Loads page
  • #254 Bug, remove duplicate mills from My Mills
  • #253 Send vendor documents expiration emaile
  • #252 fix bug on firefox with job product dist on trucker
  • #251 Adding conditional pagination. Only paginates for HTML version of the…
  • #250 Allow override of county on a job
  • #249 fix address on job details page when not all details of address were
  • #248 Add vendor documents
  • #247 Add api endpoint for choosing a load
  • #246 Add ability to upload images to tickets
  • #245 Cosmetic updates to settlement statements preview page
  • #244 Cosmetic updates to settlement statements edit screen

The Team

We’ve got years of experience building quality products.

Jim Griffith


Over 30 years of experience in the timber industry. Director of Georgia Farm Bureau’s Timber Division for 25 years. Managed $13,000,000 in operational revenue for GFB’s over 300,000 members.

Taylor Griffith


Over 10 years of software experience in business development. Has influenced projects in the Financial Tech, Big Agriculture, and Real Estate spaces. Includes Quicken’s Rocket Mortgage, Realcreate, and International Forest Company’s Seedling Advisor.

Jess Brown

Back-end Developer

Over 10 years of web development experience. Has launched and managed enterprise software with thousands of active daily users (ADU).

Phil Goodwin

UI/UX Designer

Over 12 years of design experience. Has worked on large enterprise software projects, including Quicken’s Rocket Mortgage, big agriculture, and some of the largest furniture companies in the world.

Chris Gustin

Front-end Developer

Over 5 years experience in front end web development. Has worked on projects like Timber Update, Quicken’s Rocket Mortgage, and more.

Justin Ho

iOS Developer

Over 8 years experience in iOS development. Has worked on several projects for UBERX, a venture capital firm based in San Francisco.