All-in-one forestry procurement, accounting, and logistics solution.

By streamlining data and processes TRACT gives employees additional hours, days, and weeks every year to work smarter not harder, which means more productivity, efficiency, and value for your forest business.

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Really Easy to Use

TRACT is simple and intuitive, so you’ll spend less time on paperwork and more time working on your operation.

Powerful Apps

Automate tasks like settlements, organize quota, track your cutout, and follow up with clients in just a few clicks.

Organized on the Cloud

TRACT lives in the cloud so you can securely access it from your desktop, phone, or tablet, so you can work from home safely.

Our Customers

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There’s a better way.

As they say, “A rising tide raises all ships.” We’ve designed our enterprise solution for every level of involvement, so landowners, producers, and mills alike can benefit.


Foresters are typically busy with administrative and management tasks and sometimes have trouble communicating with landowners. We help by giving landowners access to real time load info which creates transparency and builds trust.


Security and transparency are always top of mind for a forestry consultant, so we give them all the tools they need to build trust with landowners. From real time load data to simple apps, we’re helping forestry consultants innovate their businesses.


Loggers are operational gurus that have to focus on sorting and loading every hour of the day to stay productive. Our apps help them stay focused on the task at hand, capture important data, and let you know what’s going on in the woods.


Suppliers juggle a lot of different jobs, crews, quota, and data to the point that things/jobs can slip through the cracks. Depending on your pain points, our software can be a little helpful or a lot helpful at being more efficient, effective, and creative.


Truckers are often the first and last line of defense in keeping up with scale tickets. Our apps make sure that every load is tracked and every ticket is accounted for, so administrators and foresters don’t waste time entering and hunting lost tickets.


Mills sometimes have trouble communicating the value of their supply chain to big customers who care about sustainability. Our system makes it easier to pitch transparency and security to executives who care about wood sourcing.

How do we help?

Lots of ways! Most times the folks we help (timber companies) are already creative, innovative, motivated, and willing to try new things, so it’s a natural fit and depending on where they need the most help, we’ve typically got an app for that.

Whether you’re in the woods, on the road, or in the office we’ve got you covered.

Innovative Solutions

We’re continuing to push the boundaries of technology and improve the way companies along the supply chain communicate with one another.

One example of this is the vendor portal, where business owners can give landowners, consulting foresters, etc. access to live data on their jobs which creates transparency and builds trust.

A system with boat loads of information is only as useful as the KPI’s you can pull out of it, so we make sure you can get the information you need with the click of a button.

Per ton profit and loss per job

We help our customers get granular by going above and beyond and reporting on the numbers that really matter

Loaded and unloaded miles for dispatchers

You don’t have to hire a logistics expert to run your trucks and get good data, because TRACT does it for you

Government reports

Bureaucracy can bog you down if you’re not equipped with the right tools, so we make sure you never have to fear another audit

Real time cut out reports per job

Foresters no longer have to pull a crew out of a hat; they know where they need to be every day of the week

Money out reports for accountants and controllers

Cash flow management is the life-blood of your business and we make sure you’re always on top of the numbers

Custom reporting

Ultimately, our goal is to make sure you’re successful, so if we don’t have something you need, with a little time, a little money, and a whole lot of expertise, we get it done for you

What problems are we solving?

It depends on your operation, because the benefits are different for everyone. And we realize that institutional landowners, consulting foresters, loggers, wood buyers, and mills do business differently, but here’s what some folks are saying:

Build Landowner Trust

"I don’t know why, but landowners always think you’re trying to steal from ‘em. You should see their faces when we tell them we’ll give ‘em access to a website or app that shows what loads are being delivered in real time. They trust me now and that’s pretty cool."

Do More With Less

"For every 1.5 people in my admin organization I’m spending $60k - $80k a year. With TRACT I can move more wood, more efficiently, without having to hire or rely on more people."

Easier Quota Management

"Managing quota can be a huge pain. With more transparency around my wood flow, I can reroute, move tracts, and adjust to the ever-changing demands around quota daily. For a long time making money on trucking was a hard pill to swallow, but I’m slowly becoming a believer."

Better Forester Decisions

"My foresters have a lot on their plate and having to decide which tasks to prioritize can be hit or miss every week. Since we know what’s going on in the woods day-to-day, they’re not having to waste time texting or calling and can make better decisions about where they need to focus."

Move More Wood

"As a dispatcher, it can be difficult to know what products are on what trucks and where they’re headed, it can be even harder to maximize loaded miles. TRACT takes logistics one step further by telling us what product is on the truck, where it’s headed, and tracks the data company wide."

Access business information from your smartphone.

No more spending time sifting through papers, old spreadsheets or filing cabinets. Everything you need to run your operation is at your fingertips.

Why did we choose to serve the timber industry?

  • Jim has worked in the timber industry for a long long time and was always surprised at the lack of user friendly software to make running his timber business easier.
  • Taylor was in software consulting for products with millions of users. In 2015, he got together with software designers and developers who worked on projects for companies like Yahoo!, Uber, etc. to build an enterprise solution that would help the timber industry as a whole.
  • We’ve spent a LOT of time and effort to better understand the industry, all the moving parts, the people in it, their needs, and the needs of each business to build something that they actually enjoy using. And while it’s impossible to make everyone happy, so far we’ve got a pretty good track record.

We’ve got some very productive customers and here’s what they’re saying:

"This product is next level thinking for the forestry industry, an industry that is far behind when it comes to technology. It has allowed our business to access information quicker, keep up with load counts throughout the day, and streamline the logging process from the stump, to the mill, to load ticket information inside our office. We would highly recommend it to anyone that’s trying to be more productive in the forestry industry."

Brett DeLoach

Pierce Timber Co.

"TRACT has allowed our company to expand and grow. Having web-based software allows any member of our team to have access to crucial information anywhere, anytime. Their team goes above and beyond to aid in customer satisfaction, from small issues to developing new functionality to fit our ever changing needs within the timber industry."

Ashley Crosby

Twin rivers timber

"I like it. It’s easy to keep track of loads and my dad really likes being able to see crews adding loads. The customer and consultant access helps us immensely and the old-timers really like the ability to see every load being added."

Blake Clark

premier south timber

"Tracking loads and inputting tickets for twenty crews is a part of Log Creek’s weekly routine and demands numerous hours. The implementation of TRACT has been a big improvement for all involved. We are grateful for their dedication to making a difference in the wood flow industry. They are team players."

Reg Williams

Log Creek Timber

Continuous Integration

We release updates and iterations to our web software every single week. Sometimes a release will address minor bugs and features, but most of the time updates add significant changes to make your business better.

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v1.13 - Release Sept 13

  • Rename "Filter" to "Advanced Search"
  • Contract Expiration better user feedback
  • Tract Accessibility Functionality
  • Contract Extensions Functionality
  • Ability to add deduction "By Load"