Data Security

Bank Level Security

TRACT™ utilizes bank-level AES 256-bit encryption for all communications and all data processing is performed on servers isolated from direct access to the Internet. Our systems are audited daily by Verisign and McAfee HackerSafe.

Data Storage


TRACT™ uses Github, Heroku, and Amazon Web Services to store, release, backup, manage and host it’s services, along with several other applications that help with scaling, logs, notifications, performance, debugging, and diagnostics like: Paper Trail, Redis Cloud, Sentry, and New Relic.

The Heroku platform is built for security from the ground up in compliance with key industry standards for data protection. For apps in regulated industries, Heroku Shield Postgres delivers PCI and HIPAA compliance. As threats evolve, our DevOps team takes care of patching and security configuration so you can focus on building your app. Where data is particularly sensitive, you can bring your own encryption key to ensure its safety.

Heroku Postgres can serve as the heart of a multi-cloud architecture. Move data securely between Postgres and resources in AWS via PrivateLink or between public clouds and private data centers with mutual TLS. Sync data seamlessly with Salesforce using Heroku Connect .

Encrypt data using your own key to ensure that you control who has access. You can block access from anyone, at any time, by revoking the key, giving you full control and custody of your sensitive data.

Data Protection

Heroku Postgres

Heroku Postgres automatically takes care of data integrity with our unique continuous protection feature. Every write is automatically replicated to highly-durable storage in multiple data centers. Should a failure happen, rebuilding a live database takes minutes. We even store 25 backups of your database that are updated daily. A dropped table or failed migration needn’t be a disaster. With a single command, the rollback feature allows you to create a new database instance that’s restored from a point before the problem occurred.

Heroku’s automated health checks monitor your databases around the clock, with the status of the entire fleet under the eyes of our PostgreSQL experts. When an issue arises, our automated processes restore your database to health.

Other Services

We store the last 7 days of logs in a searchable file that are then archived for 365 days. Database rollbacks can occur over the previous 4 days, with 25 backups being maintained. And if your IT rules require a specific cloud-based system maintained by you, we can also support isolated environments in specific regions depending on your requirements.

Want to know more?

Feel free to contact us anytime. One of our security experts would be happy (really!) to share more details.