EUDR Compliance

EUDR Compliance Software for Forestry

TRACT offers software tailored to ensure EUDR compliance across a spectrum of industries, including forestry. Our uniquely designed features can revolutionize your compliance journey and make EUDR compliance less expensive and painful.

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Precision Polygons and Geofences

Whether you're in forestry or cattle ranching our EUDR compliance features empower you to map out your operational areas with precision. We utilize tax parcels, polygons, geofences, and geostamps with times and dates to define specific locations, boundaries, and chain of custody to ensure accurate tracking of commodities in the supply chain.

Mapping for Multiple Locations

Stay on top of compliance issues across multiple locations at scale with simple geofencing features. TRACT software enables you to set virtual boundaries around sensitive areas to enhance control and responsiveness with real-time reporting.

Seamless Exports for Reporting

Adopt EUDR compliance software that lets you generate detailed reports to meet documentation requirements across cattle, forestry, and other commodity sectors. It also simplifies Geojson exports and provides a consistent approach to reporting.

Geostamps for Transparent Tracking

Get total transparency for your supply chain. TRACT software integrates geostamping to provide a detailed log of the geographical origin and destination of each load. These features ensure an indisputable record of compliance, making audits and inspections easier and less time consuming across industries and large operational footprints.