Load Sheet & Logistics Apps

Keep tabs on your loads and tickets.

We make it easier to collect accurate data in the field, so that you can improve profitability on every load you deliver.

In-The-Moment Data

Real time data across every job, crew, and mill.

Ever wanted to see how productive your entire business was in real time? Now you can from one easy-to-view page that breaks down job productivity and loads delivered to each mill.

Digital Load Sheet App

Loadermen enter data at job the job site.

Our digital load sheet app allows data to be entered at the source. Shortcut entering tickets by hand from scratch and your office staff will love you even more.

Available for iOS (Android coming soon)

Users in the woods enter data, establishing a GPS point of origin

Foresters, admins, and landowners can see data being added in real time

Crew leaders and foresters can keep track of productivity without texting or calling

Quota management is now more efficient with real time data at your fingertips

From real time cut out reports, to better quota management and loaded miles, our apps help increase your profit margin.

Our biggest competitive advantage, however, is that we’ve spent a lot of time, money, and effort on making sure that the people on the ground find our apps easy to use and enter accurate data every time. A lot of our competitors want to turn loader men and truck drivers into administrators, but we think that makes their jobs more complicated.

Think about that for a second...

Loadermen are operational gurus who sort, process, and load hundreds of trailers a month. Do you really want to mess with their productivity, so that they can enter ticket data five to ten times a day?

We’ve done the math:
12 digits x 5 to 10 tickets per day x 5 days per week x 50 weeks per year = 15,000 - 30,000 ticket digits How many users do you think can enter all of those perfectly...from the woods?

Our goal is to get accurate info every single time, so we really focus on building apps that make people’s jobs easier, not more complicated.

Every operation is different, but we think we can figure out a way to help your business be more successful. How successful? Well, to answer that question we need to know more about your business.

Find Out How TRACT Can Help You

Vendor Portal

Give landowners, loggers, and consulting foresters realtime access.

Communicating with multiple businesses and people every day can be a pain. We make your life easier by allowing you to give every moving part access to their information, which increases transparency, builds trust, and makes everyone’s life easier.

Creating more opportunity for back hauls and loaded miles.

Log Trucking App

Real Trucking Transparency.

Allow truckers to choose which loads they want to pick up, or assign them specific job sites to frequent for a time. Again, scale ticket data can be entered at the source.

Available for iOS and Android

Quota management is now more efficient with real time data at your fingertips

Immediately get a copy of each scale ticket from your drivers

If there’s a discrepancy of what actually got delivered, you’re now more accountable

Build trust with customers and improve dispatching with way more data on every delivery

Real-Time Tracking

View the location of any load, at any given time.

Imagine looking at a digital map and seeing what products your truckers are hauling and where they’re going. Oh yes, we have that.

Keep track of where your trucks and trailers are in relation to mills and jobs.

What parts of the timber industry benefit?

Residuals buyers and sellers

We help our customers get granular by going above and beyond and reporting on the numbers that really matter

Long wood operations

You don’t have to hire a logistics expert to run your trucks and get good data, because TRACT does it for you

Biomass producers

Bureaucracy can bog you down if you’re not equipped with the right tools, so we make sure you never have to fear another audit

Consulting Foresters

You don’t have to hire a logistics expert to run your trucks and get good data, because TRACT does it for you

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