1. Jobs

Video Overview: Jobs – Create New Job

Start by selecting Jobs in the left column.

To enter a new job, select Create Job in the top right corner

Enter Job Details.  For the PT-283, section, if there are multiple vendors, leave this section blank.

If the PT-283 Vendor has not already been added in the Vendors section in the left column, select + Create Vendor to add the basic details for that Vendor.  You can add additional Vendor info in the Vendors section of the left column.

Then if you want to give this person access to TRACT, you can do so by selecting +Create User.

Enter the details for this user in the Quick Entry pop-up box.

Enter Contract Dates & Extensions, Cash Advances (if you don’t see the Vendor you need in the drop down menu, go to Vendors in the left column, and add that person as a Vendor), and any Notes needed.

Enter Location Information either by address or by GPS coordinates.  If you enter both, the system will put two pins on the map instead of one.  Choose to +Add Another Parcel if necessary.

Save this information.

This will take you back the Jobs section where you will find a list of all Jobs.  From here, click on the Job that you just created.