2. Loads

Video Overview: Loads

Select Loads from the left column.

To enter a Load, select Create Load.

To create a Load, you’ll need to enter the load information and make sure it’s assigned to the correct Job.

You will select the correct Product, Logger, Trucker, and Driver from the drop down arrows.

If you do not see who you are looking for, you will need to go to Products or Vendors in the left column and add the Product or Vendor to My Products or your Vendors list.

Then they will appear from the drop down arrows when you go to Enter Load.

Note: You may have already done this step from Loads in the Jobs section.

Select Save & Next if you have multiple loads to enter.  Select Save if you only have one load to enter.

All of your loads will be listed in the All tab.

You can then sort loads by Entered, Delivered, Settled, and Reconciled by selecting the appropriate tab at the top.

To edit a Load, hover your mouse in the far right column next to the Status column.  The Edit button will appear for you to select it.

If you are trying to find a specific ticket based on specific information, select Advanced Search.  Here you will be able to search for tickets based on any of these fields.

To enter paper tickets, select Paper Ticket Entry.  When you enter the Security Tag (Load Tag), the rest of the load information that has been entered will auto-populate.

Then you’ll be able to enter the Scale Ticket number and the Delivery Date and make any other edits necessary.

If you receive an Excel file or CSV from the mill with your loads, you can enter all load data at once using the Import Mill Data tab.

Here you’ll just need to match up the data in the file to the template to enter in all load data at once.  Your loads must contain the Security Tag # to match loads in TRACT.