Bulk Edit Tickets

Bulk Edit Tickets

The bulk edit tickets feature is a great option to edit many tickets at once. The use case is many: Change tickets to a different job Change Product Change Destination Change Logging Crew Change Trucking Company Update/Change Deliver Date Add Driver Apply/Recalculate an added or modified rate Check out the video and let us know … Continued

Paying Culls

All About Culls

How do you cull? In this video we explain how TRACT handles culls and how you can change the default behavior for your business.

Harvest Reports

In our last update, we demonstrated how you can keep track of the progress of your job and compare your estimated harvest to your actual harvest, review your profit efficiency and more. This is great for analyzing a single job, but once you get more than a handful of tracts purchased and in your inventory … Continued

Cut Out Report & Score

Cruising your job and keeping track of the harvest can be a challenge, but not with TRACT. Check in on your progress from day 1 and monitor your cut out, sorts, profits, deliveries and more. Digital real-time load tracking can help you manage many tracts and ensure you achieve your goals and optimize profit.

Documents Overview

Today we released a major enhancement to our documents feature. Please watch the video and let us know if you have any questions!