Auto Sync Rates


Ever wish your changes to rates would just magically update all of your existing tickets? Well now that wish is a reality. Allow us to introduce auto syncing of rates. Any change to products or contracts now will automatically update all tickets with unsettled or unreconciled transactions. Please watch the video for a demo. Here are the highlights and how it works.


  1. This is a company “opt-in” feature. Nothing changes until you are ready and you tell us to update your account.
  2. Anytime you update a product/contract, it automatically applies changes to existing loads
  3. Loads that have unsettled/unreconciled/un-invoiced (ie incomplete) transactions are locked and not updated.
  4. You can use dates to determine if a rate should be applied to unsettled transactions.
  5. If you remove a transaction from a statement and add it back, a check will be performed and rates will be update to match current product/contract rates
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