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Quickbooks integrating with TRACT

How TRACT Sales & Receivables translate to Quickbooks

Accounting can be hard and hearing something audibly is one thing, but seeing it in action is another. In this video we demonstrate how Tickets translate into sales and receivables, what dates are used and how that data gets sent into quickbooks. Now you can be more confident about your closing dates what what your … Continued

Copy Products Feature

Copy Products & Better Product Management

We recently made some updates to the Products section on TRACT. The main new feature allows you to copy a product and have multiple versions of the same core product. One use case for this is if you want to track different quotas for the same product. The other updates will make managing your products … Continued

EUDR Compliance Overview

In the realm of forest management, particularly for plots exceeding four hectares, a shift towards utilizing polygons for geolocation, as opposed to a single central point with a circumference, is crucial. This ensures a more accurate representation of the land in question by including boundaries for the assumed cutout area.   If an operator declares … Continued

Auto Mill Reconciliation

Transform the tedious task of reconciling countless loads with mill statements into a swift, efficient process. Introducing TRACT’s innovative Auto Reconcile feature — a new tool designed to streamline your workflow. This powerful feature effortlessly imports load data and meticulously compares it against the mill’s records. Experience the liberation from the drudgery of manual approvals … Continued

Sites: Inventory Management in TRACT

With this new feature you can manage your loads inventory for a drop site or wood yard before you deliver to the mill.   UPDATE: We’ve modified how site inventories are categorized.

Quickbooks Integration

You can now connect your TRACT account with your Quickbooks company! Whether you are using Quickbooks online or Quickbooks Enterprise / Desktop, we make it simple for you to send income and expenses from TRACT to your accounting software.   The functionality focuses on sending statements (expenses) in TRACT to Bills in Quickbooks (complete with … Continued

Create an adjusting entry in TRACT

Closing out a Lump Sum Tract

  Once you finish a lump sum job, create an adjusting entry to ensure your P/L reflects actual stumpage paid. Also keep track of your over/under cuts!

closing periods thumb

Closing Periods

Define closing periods to prevent any accounting or financial records from being changed during that period. Be confident that your financials are closed and will remained closed for past periods.

Sync Mill Tickets

Share Jobs & Sync Tickets

As TRACT becomes more widely used in the industry, our customers are routinely finding that their customers or vendors are also using TRACT and want to get access to the ticket data when working on the same job. This new feature allows TRACT customers to do that by sharing jobs with other TRACT customers. Once … Continued

Getting Paid Multiple Rates on Culls

  Many mills will cull a load and you get nothing for the cull, but some mills will will still pay the cull weight, but at a reduced rate. Want to know how to handle that in TRACT? Check out the video for 2 different methods.