Video Overview: Jobs – Products

Let’s continue entering information about this Job by entering Products for this Job.

In this section, you’ll want to add all of the products that you will be harvesting during this Job.  Start by selecting Add Product in the top right corner.

Here you’ll be able to select from the Products and Mills/Destinations that you entered earlier in the Products and Mills sections in the left column.  If you do not see the Product or Mill that you need, enter it in the appropriate database, and then it will become available in the drop down menu here. Mileage here is for the miles from the Job to the Mill.

Cut Out Estimate by Percent is the estimated percent of this harvest that will be this product.  Once all products are entered, the sum of these estimates should equal 100%.

For Purchasers, select whether the Distribution Type is a Mill or a Customer.

Then select which Mill/Customer.  Enter the $/Ton that the Purchaser will be paying for this specific Product.

For Vendors, for Distribution Type, select the type of Vendor (i.e. Logging company, Trucking company, Vendor, Landowner, Purchaser) from the drop down arrow.

Then for Vendor, select the specific Vendor for that type. Enter the $/ton that you will pay out to that Vendor for this product.

If the Vendors are splitting a % of the Volume, select the % Volume section to add the percentage split between multiple Vendors.  These percentages must add up to 100%.  For example, in a case where you have multiple landowners (i.e., family members) and you need to split the volume between them… landowner A may get 50% of the tonnage at $23 and landowner B would get 50% at $23.  Another example is if there’s a consultant making a 10% fee. In this case a single landowner would get 90% and the consultant would get 10%. If there were two landowners it’d be 45% landowner A, 45% landowner B, 10% consultant at the same $ rate.

Add any other notes needed to the end of this section and select Save.

Continue to Add Product until you have entered all products that will be harvested from this Job.  Once all products are entered, your Cruise Estimate should add up to 100%.

Once your loads are being delivered, you will be able to check back to see what your Cut Out Score! is.  This will show you what your profit is for each Product.