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Edit Job

If you need to edit a Job, you can do so by selecting Edit Job in the top right corner, within the specific Job that you’ve already selected. Video Overview: Jobs – Editing Jobs

Cut Out

Video Overview: Jobs – Cut Out To see an overview of what this cut-out looks like, select Cut Out.  Here you can select the dates that you want to view for this Cut Out. If you scroll to the bottom of this screen, you’ll be able to select to View Tickets.  You’ll also be able … Continued


Video Overview: Jobs – Loads **There’s another video with more details about entering Loads in the Loads section. The next section is the Loads section. You can enter a Load here by selecting Create Load.  You can also enter a Load by going to Loads in the left column and selecting Create Load. To create … Continued


Video Overview: Jobs – Expenses Next we’ll enter Expenses for this Job. We’ll start by selecting Create Expense/Credit. Select whether this is an expense or a credit to a Vendor’s account by sliding the lever toward what you want to select.  Enter the Amount of the expense, Delivery Date the expense is associated with and … Continued


Video Overview: Jobs – Products Let’s continue entering information about this Job by entering Products for this Job. In this section, you’ll want to add all of the products that you will be harvesting during this Job.  Start by selecting Add Product in the top right corner. Here you’ll be able to select from the … Continued


Video Overview: Jobs – Overview This will take you to a screen with an Overview of the Job Details that you just entered, and allows you the option to continue adding information about the Job’s Products, Expenses, Loads, and Cut Out.