3. Vendors

Note: In TRACT, Vendors refers to other businesses that you pay based on Settlement Statements.

Depending on your business model this could include: loggers, truckers, landowners, consulting foresters, or any other vendors.

Video Overview: Vendors

We’ll start by selecting Vendors in the left column.

Then we’ll choose Create Vendor from the top right corner.

Enter Vendor Details.

Note: Tags are useful for identifying what kind of vendor they are: landowner, logger, trucker, consultant, etc.


Add any automatic deductions that should be made to this Vendor’s pay, select whether the Unit is By load, By ton, or a Flat fee.

Add any Documents that need to be stored for this Vendor.  Examples of Documents you may want to store here include:  Insurance for truckers or loggers, or other things like that.

If the Vendor also uses TRACT, for example the TRACT Trucking App, then you can add them as Users here, and adjust their permissions based on their role.  To add users, select Manage Users.

To add a new user select Create User in the top right corner.

Enter the user details here, and select Create Vendor user.

Once you’ve created a Vendor user, you can enter their distributions here.

On the Distributions screen enter Percent (% of load they get paid for), Min per load, Min tons per load, Min per day.  Then select Save.

Once you’ve entered your Vendor users, select Vendors from the left column to take you back to your list of Vendors.  Continue adding each of your Vendors (the people you pay) and any Vendor users (people who need access to the app) to that Vendor.   This list of Vendors will be used for Jobs, Loads, and Settlements later on.