Load Tracking

Keep tabs on your loads and tickets.

We've developed a digital load sheet and truck tracking app, so that data gets entered in real-time, allowing your company to move at lightning speed.

Quick Ticket Entry

Enter scale tickets at lightning speed.

Your office staff will be able to enter tickets ~60% faster than traditional methods and in some instances won't have to enter any data at all! Now, that's revolutionary.

Digital Load Sheet App

On-site loaders enter data at origination.

The Digital Load Sheet establishes point-of-origin, reduces administrative redundancy, and gives your organization information they can respond to in real-time.

Available for iOS (Android coming soon)

Trucker App

Truckers are now accountable.

Assign and reroute trucks and track product delivery in real time, so that you're never caught off guard by unexpected quotas again. Our technology allows you to stay ahead of the curve and ahead of the game.

Available for iOS (Android coming soon)

Real-Time Tracking

View the location of any load, at any given time.

Imagine looking at a digital map and seeing what products your truckers are hauling and where they’re going. Oh yes, we have that.

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